Assisted Living Facilities

Assisted Living facilities refer to housing for the elderly and/or people with physical and developmental disabilities.

 Our Assisted Living Facilities and Services – Mountain View Cottages and Mountain View Centers offer long-term care as an alternative to Nursing homes. Mountain View also serves disabled people, providing custodial care.

 Mountain View Centers and Mountain View Cottages provide the following standard services for the stated basic monthly rate.

Our number one goal at Mountain View Assisted Senior Living Facilities is to offer the best and most humane quality of assisted living services and senior care for our residents around the clock.

  • Personal Care:
    Mountain View provides 24-hour care and supervision which means faculty is staffed 24 hours a day. We offer daily assistance with bathing, dressing, grooming, escorting, & personal hygiene. Mountain View encourages each resident to perform at the highest level possible. Incontinence service is provided at additional cost.
  • Meals:
    Mountain View provides 3 delicious, nutritious meals and in-between snacks. A special diet prescribed by the physician, like a low-sodium, diabetic, or pureed diet is also provided. Meals are served in our elegant dining room. Our staff will feed residents if they are unable to feed themselves.
  • Activities:
    We’re infinitely more than a group home. Mountain View provides creative and stimulating activities designed for residents at various functional levels to increase mental stimulation. Our staff encourages self-expression through stimulating music, dance, exercise, and art programs. Our staff also encourages participation in preferred group activities and offers alternatives to those who decline group activities.
  • Medication Management:
    Mountain View provides monitoring, ordering, and assisting in the self-administration of medications prescribed by the physician. It also monitors PRN and over-the-counter medications. All medications are centrally stored in a locked cabinet.
  • Medical and Dental Care:
    The facility manager or nurse monitors the medical and dental needs of the resident and will communicate with the physician and family. Other medical services like physical therapy, Registered Nurse assessment is offered at the facility by the Home Health agency.
  • Housekeeping and Laundry:
    Mountain View provides cleaning services of the resident’s room and personal laundry and linens.
  • Hospice Care:
    Mountain View provides care to all stages of Alzheimer’s. Supervision is required in early-stage care. Managing behavior in the mid-stage and hospice or palliative care in later stages is also provided.
  • Transportation:
    Mountain View plans and arranges for transportation to medical and dental appointments.

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