Developmentally Disabled Elderly

Facilities that work with Seniors who have developmental challenges are also known as Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly (RCFEs)

We are pleased to be working in collaboration with and serving San Gabriel Pomona Regional Center and Inland Regional Center 

Personal Needs

Mountain View Cottages provide person-centered instruction to support our residents in achieving their chosen goals, as documented in the resident’s Individual Program Plan (IPP), developed by the Regional Center. Our instruction, based on the resident’s IPP goals and person-centered planning, supports our residents in maintaining their highest level of independence. A weekly schedule of instruction provides residents with an opportunity to learn and maintain their skills, such as social awareness, recreational skills, money management, safety awareness, communication, and the use of public transportation.

Personal Care

Mountain View Cottages provide personal care and supervision to residents who are in need of assistance with self-help skills, like bathing, dressing, grooming, feeding, and toileting. This care includes assisting residents who use walkers, wheelchairs, hearing aids, and caring for residents who are visually impaired or legally blind. Care and supervision are offered only to the degree necessary to encourage each resident to perform to their highest level.

Behavior Management

Mountain View Cottages provides care to residents who have problems with short-term memory loss or who exhibit behaviors such as confusion, wandering, depression, anger, tantrums, agitation, and combativeness.

Mountain View Cottages uses a positive behavioral assessment and a behavioral support plan to assist our residents to acquire replacement behaviors. This approach utilizes a proactive antecedent-focused functional assessment to identify antecedents that may trigger challenging behaviors.

Find Out the impact of behavior management on our senior residents.


With as-needed assistance, our residents prepare three well-balanced meals per day. Meals are prepared in compliance with the USDA basic food group guide. The home provides for any special diet requirements which are prescribed by the resident’s doctor or dietician.


Program staff assists residents with the self-administration of their medications in accordance with their doctor’s orders. Medications are stored in a locked cabinet or a locked refrigerator at a central location in the home.


Mountain View Cottages provides laundry service for our residents on an ongoing basis. The Mountain View Cottages residents will wash their own Laundry in accordance with their abilities to perform this responsibility. The Mountain View Cottages staff will provide laundry assistance as necessary.


Mountain View Cottages residents will participate in-home and community-based activities on a regular basis. Fun and educational activities are designed based on the resident’s level of functioning to reduce confusion and anxiety. We encourage self-expression through music, dance, exercise, and art programs. We identify and respect each individual’s desires and interests. Activities will include but not be limited to activities such as:

  • Socialization, achieved through activities such as group discussion and conversation, recreation, arts, crafts, music, and care of pets.
  • Daily living skills/activities which foster and maintain independent functioning.
  • Leisure time activities cultivating personal interests and pursuits, and encouraging leisure-time activities with other residents.
  • Physical activities such as games, sports, and exercise develop and maintain strength, coordination, and range of motion.
  • Participation in community group activities, such as senior citizen groups and service clubs.

Family Participation

Mountain View Cottages encourages active family involvement. Resident family members and friends are encouraged to visit their loved ones at the Mountain View Cottages on a regular basis. Family members are also encouraged to participate in planning meetings, family conferences, and activities with their loved ones both inside and outside of the home.

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