Q. What makes Mountain View Centers memory care assisted living services different from their traditional assisted living services?

A. What makes us different is one of the most frequently asked questions about Alzheimer’s care. All the services provided in our Mountain View Centers communities — from dining to nursing, to activities — are designed around the unique needs of the memory-impaired. By working closely with loved ones, we preserve the life story of every resident.  We are focused on seamlessly integrating the past and the present to prevent loneliness, helplessness, and boredom. Days are quietly structured to provide a sense of order.  Residents are engaged more readily in this setting through verbal cues and daily routines.

Q. How long have you been providing care to Alzheimer’s patients?

A. Mountain View Guest Homes opened its doors in January 1985. Mountain View Centers is providing care to the elderly at six residential facilities for elderly in Claremont, Diamond Bar, Covina, and Alta Loma communities. In 1997, Mountain View Centers opened the brand new Alzheimer’s Center in Claremont, specifically built for Alzheimer’s care.

Q. What type of care do you provide?

A. Mountain View is licensed as a residential facility for Alzheimer’s by the State of California. We provide all custodial and personal care, like bathing, dressing, and incontinence service for ambulatory and non- ambulatory residents. If a resident needs nursing services such as I.V. or nursing care, then this facility is not appropriate. However, we can provide care to restrictive care conditions like oxygen, catheter under strict regulations guidelines. We do provide hospice care to the end stage of Alzheimer’s patients.

Q. Are your employees licensed or trained to work with the elderly?

A. Mountain View’s direct caregivers have extensive training in geriatric and Alzheimer’s care. All employees have passed thorough background and fingerprint checks and are trained in first aid and emergency procedures. A licensed nurse is available for professional medical care.

Q. What is your resident to caregiver ratio?

A. Mountain View’s direct staff ratio is seven residents to one caregiver at the center and three to one at the cottages. We also monitor every hour throughout the night at the Center.

Q. What is the cost of the care and how is it determined?

A. At Mountain View, the monthly fee depends on the care and supervision required for each individual resident. The monthly rate starts from a very reasonable $2,550 for each resident.

Q. What are your visiting hours?

A. The visiting hours at the Mountain View facilities are between 8 AM to 8 PM. Family members are welcome to visit their loved ones at the facilities or take him/her out for a few hours or a few days.

Q. How do you handle medical needs?

A. In case of an emergency, we call 911 immediately. Following, the caregiver or the administrator calls the family member. We send personal and medical information with the ambulance to the hospital. In the case of incidental medical help, the administrator will call a physician and the family members to address the medical issue. Mountain View also plans and arranges transportation to and from the physician’s office.

Q. Does any physician visits the patients at the facility?

A. The family members have the choice of continuing with their own physician or choosing the facility
physician that visits the facility. We have Internal Medicine and Psychiatrist physician visits regularly.

Q. Do you pick up prescribed medication or do you have any pharmacy that you work with?

A. The family members have the choice of picking their own pharmacy (must be delivered the same day) or choose the facility preferred pharmacy which delivers the prescription in bubble pack on the same day. The pharmacy accepts most HMO’s and will bill you directly for any co-payment.

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