Why Choose Mountain View Memory Care Centers

Mountain View Centers – Claremont Memory Care, comes with 35+ years of experience in Senior Care. We provide treatments for Dementia, Memory Care, and Alzheimer’s Patient Care Services.

  • Long-term care
  • Short-term respite care
  • Palliative care
  • Hospice care

We Help Manage Difficult Behaviors of Alzheimer’s Patients: 

  • Wandering
  • Memory issues
  • Aggression & combativeness
  • Confusion & agitation
  • Sundown syndromes
  • Hallucination
  • Depression

Our Solution:

  • 35+ years of experience in behavior management and senior care
  • Understand the behaviors
  • Give love, comfort, dignity, and security
  • Redirect, validation, activity
  • Review of psychotropic medication
  • Understanding of side effects – minimize psych meds

Custom-Designed & Specifically Built for Alzheimer’s Patients

  • A 40-bed boutique community for memory challenged seniors

Locked Perimeter:

  • Our focus is on creating a subtle balance between safety and security
  • Secured perimeter provides freedom to enjoy outdoor
  • Indoor/Outdoor access without loud startling alarm.
  • Addresses unique needs of wandering behavior –

“No Physical Restraint” Policy:

  • 100% patient population without physical restraint.

Alice was restrained physically to a wheelchair and medicated because she was going out the door. When she moved to MVAC, she wanted to walk so badly but she was not stable. It required us to provide close supervision for about a week and then she never stopped walking.

Our Solution:

The locked perimeter provides security, but the floor plan of the facility allows indoor and outdoor enjoyment without any concern.

Minimal Use Of Psychotropic Medications:

Most of our residents are not chemically restrained

Over Medication /Chemical Restraint

Janet was at Assisted Living with a private nurse who monitored blood pressure and medication doses. Side effects were numerous, so with her doctor’s help, most of the medications were discontinued. After that, she lived for 8 years.

Our Solution:

60-70% of our residents are not on psychotropic medication. So residents and families can enjoy the quality of life at every stage of the disease.

Loving, Affectionate, and Experienced Staff:

We have a lot of staff who have served for more than 5+ years.

Bathing & Grooming:

We are vigilant about daily bathing, ensuring good hygiene and skincare.


Feeding can take up to 30 – 45 minutes. We feed residents who need the help, making sure their nutrition is well attended to.

Fun & Stimulating Activity:

We know and understand the need for residents to be intellectually stimulated. Our residents enjoy daily exercise, games, music, and events with family and staff.  Our Developmentally Disabled Elderly attend day program jobs as administrated by the State of California.

Care for All Stages of Alzheimer’s:

We provide care for all stages of Alzheimer’s/Dementia Memory Loss and hospice care.

Hospice Care: 

Margaret was sent to hospital and then to SNF. She was weak and not eating. The family had a choice between a feeding tube or hospice. The family decided to bring her back to MVGH under hospice. She was fed what she liked means all sweets. It took time to feed every meal. Once she got energy, she was off of hospice for about a year.

Our Solution:

We have helped many who were candidates for a feeding tube or hospice and brought them back to eating regular meals.

Short-Term Care:

We provide Respite care at the Mountain View or In-Home Care at your home for days, weeks, or months

All-Inclusive Price Structure Room:

Care level and medication management included

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