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   It’s hard to see a parent or loved one struggling with a declining memory or other symptoms of old age. You may be inclined to take them in and suggest that they live with you and your family. It’s only natural and in some instances, this is the perfect solution. For others, the prospect of becoming the primary caregiver for a senior citizen isn’t quite as manageable, and so families are required to seek outside help – group homes, palliative care, et cetera . There’s no shame in requiring senior care. In fact, did you know that 1 in 5 U.S. adults age 85+ say they either need or currently receive help with activities of daily living (ADLs)? What’s more, the presence of Alzheimer’s or dementia only heightens the need for a dedicated team of professionals. Since  1985, Moutain View Centers has taken a comprehensive approach to identify and accommodate each patient’s unique needs. 

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Mountain View Centers Is a Facility in Claremont Where You Can Obtain Assistance from Professional Caregivers Around the Clock

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Whether your loved one is elderly, disabled, or simply requires more time, energy, and attention than you’re able to provide, Mountain View Centers is a facility in Claremont which provides first-rate board and care for senior citizens. You can obtain assistance from professional caregivers around the clock. We take a comprehensive approach to senior care because we know the many competing factors that come into play. We strive to provide services which match your parent’s needs, lifestyle, budget, and location. Mountain View Centers helps facilitate a conversation with all parties involved, ensuring you’re prepared, ready to ask the right questions, and active in a frank, open conversation. If you’re noticing signs your parents need help, rest assured, you have options.


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